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Use Best Rated Drip Coffee Makers for Hot and Delicious Cups of Brew

The best rated drip coffee makers are common types of kitchen machines that can efficiently make your delicious brew. This appliance has become a popular choice among housewives and café lovers all over the world if only because it is very affordable. Likewise it is easy and convenient to use.

Because of this, they are the most acquired compact appliance for the kitchen, particularly the small and automatic type. In fact, millions of the latest and best automatic drip coffee maker machines are sold every year.

These days, there must be dozens of models and styles to choose from, as well as sizes and colors. In other words, there is a perfect one for your own personal use.

One of the most popular makers is Mr. Coffee, but getting good shares of the market of coffee lovers are Braun, Proctoc-Silex, Cuisinart, and Black and Decker.

How does it work?

An auto drip coffee maker, which is found in both homes and offices, work by allowing water to drip onto a filter that contains ground coffee. There are three filter types available for such machine, and these are paper, metal, and plastic.

The most commonly used is paper, while plastic can affect the taste of your brew. On the other hand, metal filter requires the beans to be ground courser compared to that used in paper filters.

Features and functions of Best rated drip coffee Makers

There are basic types for those who want simple machines, while there are complex and high tech models that boast of many functions such as grinding of beans and brewing at pre-set time.

Even the basic one has complete, fully functional brewing components such as a filter basket and water reservoir. Expect it to have warming plate that is intended to maintain the warm temperature of carafe. There are also filter baskets that lift and swing out.

More advanced models possesses added features and options such as brew pause system, indicator lights, digital control panel and display, timer, clock, permanent filter and an auto shut off mechanism.

Extra features are water filtration, built-in grinder, and flavor settings. Single cup type models are available for those who want a simple maker, while those who belong to large households can own one that can prepare 4 to as much as 10 12 cups.

How to maintain and clean

We all want our brew machines to be always clean, but this is not always the case, since we love making coffee cup after cup. At least, you must see to it that your appliance is cleaned thoroughly once or twice a week.

What should we use to clean it? Industry experts are one in saying that a simple plate detergent and warm water will transform your coffee maker into a sparkly clean one.

Unfortunately, over time, deposits tend to accumulate and settle on it. If this is the case, clean it using vinegar, which is really a good removing agent.

Many do swear about the effectiveness of running a mixture of ¼ part vinegar and ¾ part water onto brew cycle once of twice, after which you can run plain water onto another cycle. This will remove stubborn hard water deposit as well as other forms of buildup.

Simply put, if you are a café lover, and in the market for a machine that can make you cup after delicious cup, at any time of day, go for the best rated drip coffee makers.

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