One Cup Coffee Maker – Which is the Best for You?

If you just can’t get enough of coffee and want a cup pronto – one that’s brewed and really hot when served, then you must own a one cup coffee maker right in your own kitchen. Being a bonafide coffee lover like you are, having this appliance will be a great addition to your home.

The trend now in the market is to offer users the chance to brew their hot beverage themselves. If you own one in your own home, no coffee bean will be wasted since the appliance will brew approximately the amount of coffee that you drink.

Likewise, one cup coffee makers are hardly complex. They require few and simple steps of operation. In no time at all, you can enjoy a hot cup of coffee that you made for yourself. Apart from being user-friendly, you will find them to be easy to wash and clean.

Best One Cup Coffee Makers

Single Serve Pod

This is the appliance of choice by a lot of company offices nowadays simply because it is easy to operate, and hardly makes any mess in its area. Users love it because it requires minimal cleaning and maintenance. With single serve, you are able to try a variety of flavors by mixing them according to your particular taste.

Simply a versatile coffee maker, it may be single yet it attracts people to it because of its classy design. You only have to stick your pod into the coffee maker and press the button – and there you have your warm and rich cup.

With this type, you are able to use the approximate amount of coffee that you want to use as well as the flavor of your choice. And because of the great features and functions that it offers, it is known to be more expensive than the traditional coffee machine. ‘

Standard coffee machine

This is the conventional appliance that makes use of common ground coffee beans, subjecting them through normal filtering systems. Brewing a cup is done one at a time. This is a great choice for those who want a simple yet functional single cup brewing machine.

Why use single coffee maker

There are many advantages that you can obtain when using this type of brewing equipment:

1. Brew anytime you want

You can concoct brewed coffee of the freshest quality any time that you want. It allows you to brew your hot drink using a pre-measured recipe so that it tastes according to how you want it. It also churns out a cup quite fast and easily.

2. Rich taste is preserved

The best one cup coffee maker preserves the rich and delicious taste of your brew. Remember that coffee only retains and even enhances its flavor if all factors are present, especially if you’re using the right type of brewing implement.

Since you’re using single cup, you tend to drink it immediately after it is brewed. You can’t say the same when it comes to multi cup coffee makers that produce large amounts of coffee at a time. Much of the produced beverage stays in the container, and so the effect is that it becomes stale over time.

3. Everything is consumed

It goes without say that not a single drop is wasted if you use this type of machine. You don’t make a cup that you will not consume. It is unlike standard types which have leftovers that you won’t drink anymore. You don’t have to force yourself to drink too much coffee especially if you’re the type who doesn’t want wasted a drop.

4. Can be used anywhere

One cup coffee makers are totally portable. You can very well use them anywhere you want. It’s possible to place it at any spot – whether you want it in your room, kitchen, or even the potable, just about anywhere you like to brew your hot and tasty drink. In contrast, large bulky types are made to stay only in one spot of your kitchen.

5. Easy to use and clean

Finally, the best one cup coffee makers are easy and convenient to use and clean. No need to be an expert to operate it and wash afterwards.

It is made so that you are able to enjoy a cup with a mere push of the button. Intricate measuring of ingredients is not necessary at all yet the end result is a truly delectable and deliciously smelling café that you’ve always wanted.
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