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Best Coffee Makers for Home – Do You Have Yours on the List?

According to reliable research findings, more than half of the American population are avid drinkers of these delicious hot brew. To be clearer, around 100 million or maybe even more make their day perkier by drinking one or more cups everyday. Hence, it can be discerned that half of the number of US households have the best coffee makers for homes.

Indeed, while people in the US agree on one thing, and that is, they enjoy a good and tasty cup of hot coffee. Still, many have diverse beliefs when it comes to which makers of coffee is the best to have and use these days.

There are a great number of brewing machines, all of which fit the preferences of difference types of people. Currently, there are a good number of coffee makers that include Automatic Espresso, Auto Drip, Percolator, French Press, Vacuum type, and Stovetop Espresso. Each one boasts of a great number of brew benefits and advantages, although all of them possesses disadvantages here and there.

Automatic Espresso – One of the Best Coffee Makers for home

Automatic espresso type of coffee making machine have three versions; these are semi-automatic, fully automated and super-automatic type. Semi-automatic type works by tamping the coffee bean grounds, brewing the coffee, filling cups, and ejecting grounds. Fully automatic type likewise grinds the coffee beans. Super model is the best since it boasts of a wide range of coffee-making features, including incorporated water filters.

Auto Drip coffee maker – one of the most affordable and easy to use machines around


Easily, the automatic drip type of coffee maker is one of the most sought-after brew machines in the US, simply because it is convenient to use and operate on basic brewing principles. Also, they are known to be some of the most affordable that’s available.

You can find within the coffee pot a typical filter basket wherein paper filters hold the grounds of coffee. Right amount of cold water is then poured in the reservoir to be heated to the extent that it is ready to be poured onto the grounds. The result is coffee that flows to a carafe. The brew maintains hot temperature with the use of the hot surface found underneath the carafe.

While many consider the auto drip as the best coffee maker for home, others shun its use for the reason that it doesn’t produce excellent quality coffee. Great tasting coffee can in fact be achieved using this appliance by ensuring that the carafe and maker are clean. The usage of high quality beans and disposable paper filters will ensure a delicious cup.

Percolating Coffee Maker – produces some of the best-tasting cups of brew

Percolators are available in two types, and these are stove top and electric type. Widely available in the market these days is the modern and electric type that is highly programmable. There are models that brew just a single cup of hot coffee; while there are others that churn out as many as twelve cups of good coffee, all at a same time. The gigantic percolator coffee pot or urn found in big companies operate on the principle of basic percolation; still, it is able to brew over a hundred cups of coffee simultaneously.

Percolator coffee maker is not really that popular anymore, unlike decades ago when they are highly popular. The basic procedure involve is continuous running of water over the coffee grounds. The water is of course boiled.

A brew that comes from percolating coffee makers are known to have a very strong taste, compared to coffee made from other forms or style of brewing.

French Press type – A highly popular brewing appliance

Making French Press coffee is also popular these days, using makers alternatively called plunger or press pots. Such container is a porcelain or glass material cylinder that contains stainless plunger working as a filter.

The owner measures right heap of grounds and puts into the French press coffee pot, after which boiling water is added. The plunger is then tucked in place. Be care not to push; do this only after the brew steeps within three or minutes. Just after the coffee has steeped, the plunger is then ready to be pushed. User now has a delicious coffee.

With French press coffee maker; you don’t depend on a hot surface that will maintain hot temperature of coffee as there is none. Hence, it is a must that the brew is immediately served or transferred to a thermal carafe.

Vacuum type – an easy choice among brew lovers

Vacuum pot coffee maker resembles a chem lab tool rather than a brewing machine. It consists of two overlapping connected to each other via a syphon. A filter can be found underneath the upper portion of the container.

Water is placed in the lower part of the container while the grounds are found in the upper part. As the appliance is placed above a stove, heated water vaporizes through the syphon down to the container. Brew cycle lasts around 3 minutes.

Espresso Stovetop Coffee Maker – Simple and easy to use

This type is one of the simplest and convenient appliances to use. Coffee can be brewed using this any where, where there is fire, like in a stove or even over a low campfire.

How is the stovetop coffee maker used? Water is poured onto the bottom boiler. Afterwards, funnel filter is positioned into the boiler to be filled with coffee. Then, you can now screw on the top lightly. You are ready to place the appliance over any existing source of fire or heat.

As soon as the boiler’s top is filled with coffee, the espresso maker can now be removed from the fire. Delicious coffee is ready to be served while smoking hot.

If you are a fan of this hot and delectable brew, for sure, you own one of the best coffee makers for home that are found on this list. From cheap stovetop coffee pots to truly advanced and completed automatic coffee machines, there must be one that makes your brewing preference and your budget as well.

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