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Grind and Brew It blog does not and will not share any personal information or data with third parties, such as Google, Amazon, and other advertisers.

This blog does not and will not store information re any visit by other blogs and sites other than for reasons like analysis and optimization of content and visiting and reading experience via the use of cookies.

Its visitors may turn off usage of such cookies by proper changing of specific browser settings.

This blog holds no responsibility for republished texts and content on other sites or blogs without its permission.

Google Adsense

This blog uses Google AdSense, service that includes ads from Google Inc. Google AdSense uses cookies, text files stored on computers to analyse the usage of blog.
Use of cookies can be refused upon selection of appropriate browser settings.

Amazon Services

This blog participates in Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, designed to offer sites opportunities to earn ad fees via Amazon.com advertising and links.

Amazon utilizes cookies to track all order’s origins. Use of these cookies can be refused upon selection of appropriate browser settings.

This privacy policy of Grind and Brew it is subject to any change without prior notice. Last update was on April 19, 2014. For any queries, contact us at ernesto_vm@yahoo.com.

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